Our professional stringer has been re-stringing badminton racquets for over 13 years and there is not one racquet which he cannot do. He is an accreditted YONEX Australia Stringer and a certified APACS Stringing Team Member. With all his experiences of re-stringing countless racquets, we ensure that all our customers will be very satisfied with his workmanship. With his knowledge of different strings and tensions, I’m sure he will be more than happy to provide you with some suggestions of strings that best suit your style of play. Our stringer was the Official Tournament Stringer for the " Victor Maribyrnong International Series 2014" Tournament and the Official stringer for the 2017 Li-Ning Clendinnen Shield Carnival (National Championshpis). The KPH stringing team is currently stringing for players in the National, State and club levels. We are currently stringing for a number of National players and notably Australia’s number 1 men’s doubles players (Matt and Sawan) and also Australia’s number 1 mixed doubles player (Leanne Choo), both of which have qualified to play in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Anybody can string a racquet, anybody can buy a machine and start stringing at home or in their garage, But many stringers lack the passion and technique to actually string a badminton racquet. Its not as simple as putting the string through the racquet and then tensioning it, but there is technique and ways in which to do it correctly and professionally. Having stringing experience and ways in which to use your skills to string a racquet is very important. There are alot of fake strings going around at the moment, so buyers and players please be aware. 

At Kph Sports, we pride ourselves on delivering the best products that are 100% original, 100% quality satisfaction gauranteed. All strings used for our stringing services are from Yonex Australia and not from other countries, so you can have a peace of mind when you do your stringing services here. 

String tension guideline:





21 - 23 lbs

19 - 21 lbs


24 - 25 lbs

22 - 23 lbs


26 - 28 lbs

24 - 26 lbs


29 - 32 lbs

27 - 30 lbs